Australian Music Vault

Taking up residence inside the Arts Centre Melbourne, is the Australian Music Vault, an exhibition paying homage to the colourful history of Australian Music. The exhibition features a rotating collection of memorabilia, costumes and artefacts from some of Australias most influential  musicians, as well as interactive digital touch screens with relevant information  and several  audio-visual experiences. In the centre of the exhibition space is the 'heart' of Australian music, an large scale audio-visual installation, inside and out. Inside features a 4 channel immersive projection cave and the outside an exoskeleton of tessellated triangles made of addressable LEDs that cover all four walls of the cube form above patrons heads. 

HYPER REELIST was commissioned by Grumpy Sailor Creative to create animations for the custom LED exoskeletal structure. Closely working with sound designer Brendan Woithe of Klang Audio, HYPER REELIST created a visual narrative for a series of multi channel soundscapes that diffuse the exhibition space. These animations work seamlessly with the audio and bring energy and excitement to the exhibition space.