Sleep Pile - Feature Artist Interview

Hyper Reelist (AKA Jobe Tobias Williams) is using media and video technology to create some seriously game-changing works of art. The 25 year-old from Sydney experiments with refraction to create mesmerising live video projections, light installations and works of ‘prism photography’.

Some would liken Hyper Reelist’s prism work to getting caught between the lenses of old-school 3D glasses, while floating through the Aurora Borealis. Images of everything from daisies to roaming tigers are distorted for a dreamy, super-saturated effect.

“I use glass prisms and diffraction gratings to manipulate natural scenes with a dramatic optical distortion known as chromatic aberration. This I discovered creates majestic images of sublimely augmented environments which I have developed into a multi-disciplinary practice.”

The trip-inducing prism imagery has been presented in multiple forms, ranging from fine art prints to virtual reality (VR) experiences. In creating his VR works, Hyper Reelist is constantly on the look out for new technologies.

“I have always had a huge fascination with technology and its capacity to develop new avenues of communication and experiences for both creators and their audiences. Therefore using virtual reality, 3D imaging, projection mapping or any other form of digital technology allows me to use novel ways to communicate my work and for audiences to experience it.”

In collaboration with musicians, Hyper Reelist has combined his visual projections with live music to engage audiences with stimulating sensory experiences. His work in video art has taken him to some exciting new places.

“This year alone I have performed at numerous clubs & art galleries as well as at music festivals like Outside In & Farmer and the Owl. I have also started working with a number of musical artists to create unique live AV shows.”

And more is yet to come. He'll will be flying back and forth across the country in the next few weeks for a hectic marathon of gigs, parties and exhibitions.

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