Spectral Shrine – Exhibition

'Spectral Shrine' is a divine light, sound and sculpture installation taking over the inside and outside of ARCO for BEAMS Art Festival.

Opening night: 6-8pm on Wednesday 16th of September.

BEAMS night: 6-10pm on Saturday the 19th, which will feature electronic music performances by Phondupe, Mezko, Angus Mills & Jobe Williams.

'Spectral Shrine' is a pop up site specific exhibition that will see the  facade and upstairs gallery space of ARCO transformed into an augmented technological temple through the use of projection-mapping, LEDs and kinetic sculpture. ARCO's unique gothic structural features is the focus of the artist's installation. Super-imposed stained glass windows will appear on the feature walls, while animated LEDs will lace the arches and ceiling and infinity mirrors mounted on the walls will appear like port holes into sacred dimensions. In this way the artists reflect on the phantasmic nature of light, the phenomenology of interaction, and the transcendental aesthetics of divine spaces.

Curated by Amanda Saker & Hyper Reelist featuring multi-dispinary artists Jobe Williams, Jonathon Bolitho, Sebastian Barkoczy, Sam Sinadinovic, Bronwen Williams, Scarlett Thorby Lister & Brontë Hock.