Event Horizon

A realtime 3D audio visualisation performance environment that responds to Open Sound Control input. 

Video Frame Rate is low due to screen recording on same computer in realtime.

Event Horizon appears like a ethereal dream like world that is traversed in time with music. Forms appear, come into view an disappear out of the  horizon, these forms are also modulated  live by different sound components, creating a striking visualisation of sound in the 3D environment. In this way Event Horizon is a powerful tool for live audio visual performance, allowing a performer to focus solely on the control of electronic music and have a lush visual world evolve in tandem with live music and improvise accordingly. 

Authored in the Unity game engine, Event Horizon can be built for MAC, PC and mobile devices as well as be experienced in VR. It is however primarily designed to be experienced as a projected background during live performance. In order to achieve this cross platform Syphon and Spout capabilities have been implemented so the realtime rendering scene can be sent as a source to other applications like VJ or projection mapping software for further post processing effects and perspective correction.

Most objects in the scene are able to be modulated with a designated method by a particular Open Sound Control (OSC) address allowing for a variety of audio visual correlations and configurations through audio visual mapping. The OSC data that controls the scene can be addressed from a variety of software, in the instance of the example, OSC is sent from Ableton Live using Livegrabber a set of Max for Live devices. OSC is received into Unity with the use of the uniOSC asset. Custom scripts have been specifically written in Unity that utilise the the functionality of uniOSC, allowing for the modulation of game object parameters from an external OSC address source. 

The audio visual correlations seen in the above example have been carefully mapped to different sound components of an original composition. It is important to note however that in using OSC, Event Horizon evolution is flexible, allowing for improvisation during live performance and reappropriation of the scene for other pieces of music. This would be achieved by simply implementing the same OSC address structure into another musical composition. 

Download the Unity project & latest build HERE

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