The Midnight Special

Is a collaborative audio visual installation primarily between ENESS, & HYPER REELIST,  commissioned for Strawberry Fields Festival.

From the outside, The Midnight Special has the appearance of a retro Australian school bus, but step inside and you are sucked into a futuristic gravitational vortex of choreographed light and sound. Colour shatters in hypnotising patterns across viewers who lie on the bus floor, soaking up the meditative ambience from the LED light show. The light vortex calms and speeds up playing visual tricks on the audience, who are immersed in the illusive patterns created in the structure that appear to become floating light formations. The Midnight Special evokes nostalgic feelings mixed with the unseen, unfamiliar and unexperienced.

The installation structure designed by ENESS is an array of addressable LEDs - each light was carefully mapped by HYPER REELIST, then synchronised to react to a soundtrack composed by Mark Williams for the 2016 show and Lower Spectrum for the 2017 experience.