Prism Photography

A multifaceted project in the abstraction of landscape, colour and representation. This work is the artist's earliest exploration into the realm of visual media and remains an ongoing endeavour. These images are created through a pioneering technique using glass prisms and diffraction gratings to refract representations of natural landscapes, with an optical distortion known as chromatic abberation. The effect seen is entirely the natural phenomenon and pure augmentation of the geometry and materiality of the prism. The spectral gradients in the images, seen where light is cast between natural forms, the artist terms as refractals. This series of work he sees as a homage to the sublimity of nature and light.

These images, have all been captured on digital cameras with no post editing, many have been taken using 3D cameras, and have been exhibited on 3D tvs, as lenticular prints and even a VR experience.  The artist has also made several colour modulating light boxes that feature his prism photography with backlighting from LEDs. The shift of hue from the LED light inside these boxes alters the image dramatically, making it appear as though they are moving as the emphasis different colours along the spectrum .